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Humanity We show kindness, understanding and respect to everyone we talk to. Impartiality We don’t discriminate with a wide range of nationality, culture and different crimes, we treat everyone the same. Neutrality We don’t take sides in any issues or arguments. Independence Independent from Irish Prison Service but follows their rules. Volunteer service We don’t [...]

IRC Prisons Images and Text 150dpi

In Ireland’s 14 prisons, special-status Irish Red Cross volunteers* use the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to change the lives of troubled men and women, transform prison culture, reduce violence and improve the physical and psychological health of inmates. They are part of an award winning Irish Red Cross prison [...]

Tabitha with her son and 3 young cousins. Dzaipi Refugee camp, Adjumani, Uganda

When violence broke out in South Sudan, three sisters – between 3 and 6 years old – joined the rush for the border. They were alone with no way of knowing what lay ahead of them. Their cousin, Tabitha explains how the kindness of a stranger brought her three nieces to her safely. “When fighting [...]

Volunteers from the the Syrian Arab Red Crescent were able to help Aya and Yasmin make contact with their aunt.

Volunteers from the the Syrian Arab Red Crescent were able to help Aya and Yasmin make contact with their aunt.

Five-year-old Aya spent the two hours on the road looking out the window of the car, asking ‘are we there yet?’ smiling for the soldiers at checkpoints and, asking her sister Yasmine, 14, to play. Yasmin, though, was occupied with thoughts of her mother. Where was she? Is she still alive? Aya and Yasmin left [...]

By Chloé Vilian, Legal Intern with the Irish Red Cross

By Chloé Vilian, Legal Intern with the Irish Red Cross

Nuclear weapons have massive destructive power, as the secretary general of UN referred to them – they are “the world’s deadliest weapons”. The experience of victims of nuclear weapons (both deployed weapons and weapons testing) should have convinced us that this weapon is a threat to humankind and we should simply eliminate them from the [...]

Nuclear Weapons | No State has the capacity to respond.

By Louise Sarsfield Collins, IHL Advocacy Officer

This week States are meeting in Mexico for the second conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons.  They will hear from a range of actors, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), about the devastation that nuclear weapons would have not only on victims in the immediate vicinity of a detonation (albeit [...]

typhoon haiyan three months anniversary

Gavin Lane Irish Red Cross

You would have to be living under a rock (or at least be still connecting to the internet via dial-up!)  if you haven’t heard about the recent craze of Nek Nominations . THE CRAZE For those of you lucky enough not to have seen a video/heard a story/read an article, and are wondering what it [...]

Irish Red Cross Safety tips + workplace

Across all industries in Ireland, injuries relating to slip, trip and fall incidents are the second most common. Take three steps towards preventing falls… 1. Let There Be Light Where possible ensure that there is adequate natural light in the workplace. Sufficient artificial light should be provided everywhere else. 2. Sign Language Put a sign [...]

Welcoming new Irish Red Cross volunteers

There has been lots of activity all over the country over the past few weeks with the training of our new Fáilte Presenters.  Fáilte is a new induction programme which has been developed to welcome new volunteers, and provides an overview of the work of the Irish Red Cross both here in Ireland and overseas. [...]