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Yemen’s Health Care system

The healthcare system is near total collapse and the staff who remain are overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. Lack of fuel and supplies has forced many of hospitals to close. Clinics that are open are running low on medicine, equipment and fuel.     In theory, preventing cholera is very simple. For example, […]

The world’s single largest humanitarian crisis

Yemen is the world’s single largest humanitarian crisis. Over two years of intense conflict in Yemen have resulted in displacement and loss of income for millions of people, and put their coping strategies under severe pressure.  Decades of ongoing upheaval, drought and chronic impoverishment preceded the current situation in Yemen.   Yemen is currently experiencing […]

My sunrise summit story

My Sunrise Summit story! As a fairly inexperienced climber and someone who is a bit nervous of heights, climbing Lugnaquilla for the Sunrise Summit Challenge 2017 was certainly a challenge for me personally. I had helped to organise the event and really wanted to take part as well so chose to take part in the […]

Africa Day 2017

Africa Day 2017

 Africa Day 2017 Did you know, Africa Day falls on the 25th May each year and is celebrated across the globe? In cities such as New York, Washington and London – academic gatherings and cultural showcases mark the day.    In Ireland, the Irish Red Cross were delighted to take part in this years Africa […]

Tell us your story

      Many of our Irish Red Cross Volunteers have stories to tell. Big or small, significant or trivial, individual or far-reaching. We’ve been thinking of ways you can share your stories with everyone, and we’re inviting you to share your best stories with us.    Simply click on the button below and follow […]

Free First Aid app

Free First Aid App

Irish Red Cross free First Aid app Do you know to stop a common nose bleed? Do you, pinch the nose? If so, the bony or soft part?  Should you tilt your head forward or back? For situations like a nose bleed, help is close at hand.   The award winning Irish Red Cross First […]

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day – May 8th

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day Today, on World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, we celebrate the incredible achievements of millions of volunteers around the world and in everycommunity. We are especially proud of the many Irish Red Cross volunteers who work tirelessly in their communities through a diverse and innovate range of services […]

The devastation caused by flooding in Ireland

  Aidan recalls the devastation caused by flooding in Ireland  Over the past decade, the words “heavy rainfall” and “flooding” are synonymous with Clonmel in County Tipperary and indeed other parts of the country. Aidan, who grew up in Clonmel recalls the devastation caused by flooding in Ireland.                […]

The Jasmine Ball

The Jasmine Ball  The Jasmine Ball, taking place on May 6th at the Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, has been organised by a fundraising committee made up of some of Ireland’s leading business people.  Television Presenter Lisa Cannon, will act as MC at the black tie event. Whilst the Bentley Boys and LineUp Choir will provide […]

Meet Nafissatou

My name is Susanna Cunningham and I am writing to you today from Niger, West Africa. When I first came to Niger, a little over three years ago, I remember a young mother Nafissatou, she could have been no more than 25…