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If it was just some oranges…

Across the road from the reception centre, Viennese locals put welcome messages and smiley faces for the refugees.

On a recent work trip to Vienna, I visited a Red Cross centre hosting refugees. As an Irish Red Cross staff working closely with our colleagues in mainland Europe, I wanted to better understand the vastness of the migration operation the Red Cross has in countries like Austria, or Germany, or other countries where migrants […]

Red Crossers in Ireland share their 3 tips in case of a disaster

On International Day of Disaster Reduction, Red Crossers got together on Twitter to help increase awareness about the importance of being disaster prepared. They shared their own to do lists or items they would do or keep handy, should a disaster occur. Here are some of the Irish selfies with their lists.       […]

5 Safe Toy Tips from Irish Red Cross Mums and Dads

We’re big on family here at the Irish Red Cross. Below, some of our resident Mums and Dads share their top safety tips for keeping playtime fun. Emma, is Mum to three year old Isabella and is expecting baby No.2 in 2014 “My number one tip for new born babies is to resist the urge […]

Singing Midwives | the story behind the picture

Fifth from the right hand side is Kaibeh Kollie, she has a purple bucket perched on her head and clutches her certificate to her chest.

Fifth from the right hand side is Kaibeh Kollie, she has a purple bucket perched on her head and clutches her certificate to her chest.

Because of the low levels of literacy among traditional midwives, most of the training takes place in the form of easy-to-remember songs and skits. Fifth from the right hand side is Kaibeh Kollie, she has a purple bucket perched on her head and clutches her certificate to her chest. At the women and War photography […]

Mariatu Kamara is a Beacon Of Hope and Resilience for Women

Mariatu Kamara photographed by Nick Danziger

Mariatu Kamara photographed by Nick Danziger

Despite suffering a horrific and violent attack aged just 12 years old, Mariatu Kamara has become a beacon of hope and resilience for women around the world. A native of Sierra Leone now living in Canada, Mariatu is one of the women featured in the Women and War photography exhibition currently on show in the […]

Irish Charities Band Together To Bring ‘Good Form’ To Donors

The Irish Red Cross has has joined together with 25 other Irish charities to bring donors The Good Form, a brand new charity taxback initiative that aims to bolster fundraising figures but at no extra cost to the Irish donor. Twenty six of Ireland’s leading charities have come together under The Good Form initiative in a […]


© Ibrahim Mall / SARC

© Ibrahim Mall / SARC

As violence brings death and destruction to the people of Syria, a volunteer ambulance driver has described his life-saving work during fighting at the Yarmouk refugee camp. On December 17 2012, Hamza – a Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) volunteer – was called to help people in desperate need of treatment at the camp in […]

Personal Messaging Vs Personal Safety

I text whilst I walk, tweet from the bus and have, admittedly uploaded blog posts from the Tesco biscuit aisle…it’s gone beyond an obsession.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m addicted to my smart-phone. Two weeks ago whilst driving in Dublin, I noticed three pedestrians about to step into the road whilst staring down at […]

5 on Friday – Around the World with the Red Cross and Red Crescent

Australian Red Cross inner city Brisbane night cafe

Australian Red Cross, Brisbane

  Every week Red Cross and Red Crescent Volunteers, Staff, Friends and Supporters work hard in countries all over the world to support those in need.  Here’s a few of our favorites RCRC pictures from this week…

Clean water a priority in Manila as floodwater recedes

By Joe Cropp in Manila – Published by IFRC: 13 August 2012 16:10 CET Jeovina Llamado sits in the Red Cross evacuation centre with her four children, waiting for the water to subside. Many evacuees have already left; returning to their homes as the water recedes, and beginning the difficult task of cleaning away the […]