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Creating Lasting Friendships in Ireland, Christmas 2016


annual celebrations bring together the community, helping to stave off loneliness and create lasting friendships among people who wouldn’t always have the opportunity to socialise due to health issues, transport difficulties or often because of a sheer lack of confidence.

Caring for Nana Mary

Caring for Nana Mary

Fifteen year old, Caroline lives with her family on their farm in Bandon, county Cork.  Caroline nominated her mother for the Irish Red Cross Carers Award in 2013 stating that “to say my Mother is a multi-tasker would be an understatement”.  Here she tells us why she felt her Mother should be nominated. “Firstly, I […]

Prevent injuries in the home

            We all know prevention is better than cure!  Preventing accidents and injuries in the home generally just takes a little thought and time. Some of the most common accidents and injuries are: Falls This is one of the biggest causes of accidents.  How many times have we heard that […]

5 on Friday – Another Hand Extended

Another hand extended

Another hand extended © American Red Cross

Each year on May 8th the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (RCRC) celebrate all that the Red Cross Red Crescent stands for; another hand extended, another kindness offered, a further shelter given, even another live saved. All these things and many more come under the umbrella of humanitarian action, but to the volunteers and workers […]

150 Years of Volunteering: At The Heart Of The Movement

  “I started as a volunteer for the Red Cross youth in 1969”, remembers Oscar Zuluaga who first encountered the Red Cross in his hometown Cali in Colombia. “We did first aid courses and community work in poor quarters.  While interacting with children and young people, working together in drug and violence prevention I have […]

Are You Ready for Winter Weather?

Many areas of Ireland are currently blanketed in thick snow, driving conditions have become hazardous and the threat of even lower temperatures is looming. Severe weather can strike with little warning and cause major disruption to our homes, families and communities.  With a few simple steps, you can lessen the impact that severe weather has on your family and […]

Prepare Your Emergency Kit

An Emergency Kit for the Home Cold and wet winter weather is bad enough without losing power, heat or water. Take time now to put together a few essential items into a kit that you could easily grab in an emergency. Your kit should contain: – A list of emergency contact numbers, including your GP […]

5 on Friday – Let it Snow?

Every week Red Cross and Red Crescent Volunteers, Staff, Friends and Supporters work hard in countries all over the world to support those in need. Here are this week’s winter wonder scenes courtesy of our colleagues around the world…

5 on Friday – Red Cross Around the World

Every week Red Cross and Red Crescent Volunteers, Staff, Friends and Supporters work hard in countries all over the world to support those in need. This week, as temperatures continue to drop, the Irish Red Cross is asking you to call in on your elderly and vulnerable neighbour.  Sometimes a friendly face makes all the […]