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The Disaster Resilience Journal: 42 days of incredible resilience stories

The Irish Red Cross is proud to be a part of the Disaster Resilience Journal project. Improving awareness of communities around the world who are adapting in the face of climate change, disease, displacement and disasters. The Disaster Resilience Journal explores how our changing world, and its changing climate, affects our lives. Stories in the […]

Balkans Volunteer: Milan Mirkovic in Serbia

The solidarity shown during this time of crisis also impressed Mirkovic.”People in the Balkans are strong and resilient. We have a saying that if something does not kill you, it makes you stronger.”

Philippines: 6 months after Typhoon Haiyan, you are still helping

Your 90 Days of saving flooded families

Typhoon Haiyan | A Staggering Sheltering Effort

The Red Cross teams carrying out typhoon response in the Philippines produced a fantastic graphic with interesting data on the sheltering effort that has been carried out so far – check it out below! You can click on it to see it in full resolution (highly recommended). Thank you to our American Red Cross colleagues […]

Mother and daughter reunited after harrowing week of uncertainty

Grandmother and rice farmer Rosita Agustin, 78, spent 90 minutes dangling from the wooden beam of a door frame in her two-bedroom house in Santo Nino, Leyte. Her roof was ripped off and flood water thundered through her village, pummelling everything in its path and killing many of her friends. And while she was fighting […]

Meet Baby Fiona Haiyan | Ormoc Red Cross Field Hospital

The field hospital in Ormoc has seen a number of births since it was established a few days ago

The field hospital in Ormoc has seen a number of births since it was established a few days ago

While Red Cross emergency response personnel were doing the hard labour of building a field hospital outside the Ormoc District Hospital, Flora Entero, 25, was doing the real thing inside the devastated facility. Flora delivered her first child in the middle of the night – with the help of a doctor holding a flashlight – […]

13 babies born in town hall – a community coping after Typhoon Haiyan

Children play amongst the rubble of Tanuan, Leyte island in the Philippines. Photo: P.Fuller/IFRC

At Tanuan town hall, on the island of Leyte in the Philippines, 23-year-old Golda May has joined a team of five midwives to set up a delivery room in a tiny office with a desk covered by a towel which serves as a bed. With half of the roof missing, a leaking tarpaulin provides them […]

“I am housing about 50 people” – a community coping after Typhoon Haiyan

Felicisimo Pica attempting to dry his rice stocks after the typhoon. he is housing 50 people from the neighbourhood in his home after their houses were destroyed Tanuan, Philippines. Photo: Patrick Fuller, IFRC

In the backstreets of Tanuan, Juan Coleas is picking through the debris of his home. All that remains is a pile of splintered wood littered with clothes and the family’s possessions. His son Joey is already hammering together a rudimentary frame that that they will cover in a tarpaulin to provide some temporary shelter. “There […]

Search for missing family in Tacloban

As hundreds of families crowded the road towards Tacloban airport, pleading for a place on a plane out of the the destroyed city, Carlito Gaytos strode past the those desperate to escape and headed towards the shell of what was left behind after the storm passed. Carlito had brought nothing with him except the description […]