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How to treat cuts, burns and scalds

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With all their curiosity and energy, babies and children are at times naturally prone to accidents. Medical emergencies of every size like choking, burns or cuts happen all the time and you are never quite sure when or where they will occur. This is why all parents should consider attending a first aid course – […]

How to treat cuts or lacerations

A laceration is a cut in the skin usually caused by a sharp object. Cuts and lacerations are common in young children. Usually, parents can treat them at home, however treatment of cuts or lacerations typically depends on just how deep the cut is.    PEEP   POSTURE – Put the casualty sitting or lying down […]

How to perform CPR

What is CPR?    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) involves pressing hard and fast on the centre of the person’s chest and providing rescue breaths to help save their life. It is a simple, easily learned emergency procedure used when someone’s breathing and heartbeat stop suddenly (cardiac arrest).   For those who are trained, it is best […]

First Aid Competition Winners 2017

Dublin Borough come away with grand prize in Gormanstown Dublin Borough came away with the President’s Trophy at the First Aid Competitions which took place from 4-5 November in Gormanston College, Co Meath. The First Aid Competition provides a platform for Irish Red Cross first aiders from across the country – across a range of […]

Your Best Defence is You – Flu Season

I think most people will agree that Irish weather is always hard to predict. Will we have a white Christmas or will we have a warm summer? Neither would be surprising at this stage. But either way it always good to follow these tips during the flu season.  The Government’s 2017-2018 Be Winter-Ready information campaign […]

The Power of you

Do you wish you could change the world? Don’t we all!  Gandhi said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do”   Here, […]

Free First Aid app

Free First Aid App

Irish Red Cross free First Aid app Do you know to stop a common nose bleed? Do you, pinch the nose? If so, the bony or soft part?  Should you tilt your head forward or back? For situations like a nose bleed, help is close at hand.   The award winning Irish Red Cross First […]

Off Duty Volunteer Saves Man Suffering Cardiac Arrest

My name is Cormac and as well as being a student at Dublin City University and working part time on a restaurant, I am a volunteer with the Irish Red Cross in Carlingford-Omeath. As a volunteer I have trained in first aid, learning multiple ways to treat injuries and save lives. You never know when […]

The Disaster Resilience Journal: 42 days of incredible resilience stories

The Irish Red Cross is proud to be a part of the Disaster Resilience Journal project. Improving awareness of communities around the world who are adapting in the face of climate change, disease, displacement and disasters. The Disaster Resilience Journal explores how our changing world, and its changing climate, affects our lives. Stories in the […]

“I’ll take care of it Dad. We are trained”

6 year old Elijah knew what to do when his sister suffered a heavy nosebleed.

6 year old Elijah knew what to do when his sister suffered a heavy nosebleed.

Proud Dad Tom shares his story of when his 6 year old son stepped in to treat his little sister’s nose bleed.