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Burkina Faso: food shortages leave families on the brink of crisis

BUrkina Faso

Children are weighted and their size is checked at the the nutrition recovery and education center in Djibo

In northern Burkina Faso, women gathered on a sandy plain with their children. They were queuing for food. As the rain began to fall, a child cried, but everything was orderly. When they reached the head of the queue, the children received a portion of nutritious peanut porridge. This inexpensive paste is often what stands […]

Rebuilding lives and livelihoods after the storm has passed

The length of the water level during flash flood

Asiya Khatun showing the length of the water level during flash flood. Maherin Ahmed/IFRC

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate risks, tropical cyclones and storm surges, affecting hundreds of thousands of people each year. It is also one of the poorest and most densely-populated countries on the Asian continent. “The storm started at three in the morning and continued until seven. I […]

Thank You from the Irish Red Cross

Every year, disasters strike without mercy. Millions of ordinary people lose everything. The Red Cross will never  turn away. We’ll cross borders and front lines to bring help where it is needed. Thanks to you.                     Thank you for caring. Thank you for refusing to look […]

5 on Friday – A Week in the Red Cross World

This week we bring you a storm trooper, a roof, a maple tree donation! It’s this week’s  ‘5 on Friday’… Every week Red Cross and Red Crescent Volunteers, Staff, Friends and Supporters work hard in countries all over the world to support those in need. Here’s a few of our favorites RCRC pictures from this […]

Are You Embarrassed To Give A Small Amount?

In Red Cross HQ this morning, I was filling out a donation form to my friends in the Irish Hospice Foundation, a cause that is very dear to my heart. I went to fill in the amount and I wanted to put €2, for reasons I’ll come to, but felt embarrassed at how little that […]

Where There’s a Need…

I read with sadness at the weekend that Niall Mellon is winding down his operations in South Africa. This surprised me. My sadness that is. Although I’m now working for the Irish Red Cross, I previously worked for Oxfam, and at that time we had legitimate questions over his approach. Why send all these Irish […]

Irish Red Cross Summer Appeal

Tomorrow we have to decide between two concepts for the Irish Red Cross summer appeal: do we go with one focused on kids being rescued by an heroic volunteer, with the letter telling the hero-volunteers story; or, an ‘incident book’ – a medley of four stories that describe real-life incidents that our volunteers come across, […]

Banning church gate collections

According to an article in the Evening Echo (April 12th 2012), Churches in Cork are to ask parishioners if they want to ban church gate collections as there is a feeling that parishioners are “feeling harassed”. Cork charities are appealing strongly to parishioners to ‘vote no’ when asked. Two things strike me. One; it is […]

Taxing Texts

By Ronan Ryan The Irish Independent ran an article yesterday highlighting that charities won’t receive the VAT donors will have paid on text donations. They are targeting the wrong people. The main problem with text donations that any fundraiser will tell you is that the operators keep so much of the donation. It varies by […]