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Steps Toward Community Health

Irish Red Cross healthy steps

Irish Red Cross healthy steps

After beating cancer, Thomas and his wife Mary were determined to continue leading a very active social life, they found that there was a lack of health based programmes for their age group in their local area. Then they found something in their local paper…

The No-Borders Blanket

largest knitted blanket record breaking attempt ireland Clare Valery Larkin Red Cross

largest knitted blanket record breaking attempt ireland Clare Valery Larkin Red Cross

Knitters from around the world are helping Valery in county Clare to break a record and help the Irish Red Cross.

How would you pass the time in a Refugee Camp?

Ritsona, Greece - Ritsona refugee camp is located near Chalkida, approximately one hour north of Athens and is housing around 600 refugees, mainly Syrians and Kourds. Socrates Baltagiannis/ IFRC

Uncertain of what lies ahead, teenagers and young people in refugee camps around the world are looking for positive and constructive ways to use their time. Over the last number of months, our team have met refugees and migrants who are volunteering, setting up sport teams and learning new skills.

A #Selfieless Christmas with Canon


We’ve joined Canon on their mission to make this Christmas #selfieless. Embrace the season and do a good deed for someone else, then: ♥ Photograph it ♥ Hashtag it #selfieless ♥ Nominate 3 friends to do the same 🙂       A video posted by Canon (@canonuk) Canon have donated €1million to the Red […]

An Irish Red Cross Report From the Camps in Greece_Christmas 2016

Joana Ramalho from our Irish Red Cross team recently traveled to Greece to report on the conditions in camps and the challenges facing the refugees and migrants who have been living in them for nearly a a year now. In this video she made in Kordelio camp near Thessaloniki, Joana shows us how people are living.

A letter from Mohammad, Kordelio camp near Thessaloniki, Greece


I went to the Greece with a smuggler. It was a very difficult journey by sea, very hazardous you know. I arrived just before the border closed so I have been here nine months, but I am hoping to go to Sweden one day. I work as a volunteer for the Red Cross in the camps. This is very important because most people don’t speak English. They need me to translate what they think and what they need.

Charity Shop Stories

By Samantha McGarry, Manager Red Cross Shop
Newbridge It’s not every day someone come into the shop with a concealed firearm. But it has happened. A few months ago, a man came into the shop saying that his father had died and that it was about time he cleared his house out. “It’s well over

Typhoon Haiyan 1 Year on: ‘I felt like it was the last day of my life’

Manuel Beron resident of Barangay Biasong in the Philippines.

Manuel Beron resident of Barangay Biasong in the Philippines.

My name is Manuel Beron. I am 48 years old, I live in Barangay Biasong in the Philippines and I have 7 children. I used to be a farmer but these days I sell charcoal. During Typhoon Yolanda (aka Typhoon Haiyan), I felt like it was the last day of my life because of the strong winds. Yolanda broke my house. During the typhoon, we did not come to any rehabilitation centre, we just stayed at the house. All my chickens died. My vegetable plants were gone. That just scared me most; not for only myself, but also my children, and my wife.

Balkans Volunteer: Milan Mirkovic in Serbia

The solidarity shown during this time of crisis also impressed Mirkovic.”People in the Balkans are strong and resilient. We have a saying that if something does not kill you, it makes you stronger.”

Balkans Left Fighting Mud and Garbage Left Behind By Flood

Irish Red Cross + Balkans Floods Appeal

Flood waters are receding across Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where people are now fighting the mud and the garbage left behind by the flood.