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Talking to the Bereaved – A Vital Step To Stop Ebola

Irish Red Cross staff in Liberia + west Africa + Ebola

Melvin, one of the Safe and Dignified Burials team members, told me that his wife worries a lot and the risks of his job and that she prays every day for him to come home safely. He acknowledges her fears but believes that the risks are manageable and it’s a job that must be done.

“It’s about keeping people safe and healthy in my country. If we didn’t do this, more people would get sick. I feel a responsibility to do it.”

The Smile of a Young Ebola Survivor

The smile on Kadiatu’s face speaks volumes. She will soon be reunited with her mother, brothers and sisters. Two weeks after being admitted to the Red Cross Ebola treatment centre, her body listless with the virus. © K.Mueller/IFRC

By K.Mueller/Red Cross/Sierra Leone The smile on Kadiatu’s face spoke volumes. She is just about to be reunited with her mother and eight brothers and sisters. Two weeks ago, she to came into the Red Cross treatment centre in Sierra Leone, her body listless with the Ebola virus disease. But the disease was identified early, […]

Ebola is impacting entire families

The homes of Ebola victims are disinfected to prevent further spread of the for more

In Banjor (Liberia), the death of one young woman has left her young children alone, at risk and shunned by the whole community. A Red Cross team (pictured) collected the body of Bandu Johnson, a 27-year old woman who died in her home from Ebola. As Bandu’s body was being removed, her 7 year old […]

Balkans Volunteer: Milan Mirkovic in Serbia

The solidarity shown during this time of crisis also impressed Mirkovic.”People in the Balkans are strong and resilient. We have a saying that if something does not kill you, it makes you stronger.”

Balkans Left Fighting Mud and Garbage Left Behind By Flood

Irish Red Cross + Balkans Floods Appeal

Flood waters are receding across Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where people are now fighting the mud and the garbage left behind by the flood.

Typhoon Haiyan: 3 months on-what you have helped us achieve

typhoon haiyan three months anniversary

13 babies born in town hall – a community coping after Typhoon Haiyan

Children play amongst the rubble of Tanuan, Leyte island in the Philippines. Photo: P.Fuller/IFRC

At Tanuan town hall, on the island of Leyte in the Philippines, 23-year-old Golda May has joined a team of five midwives to set up a delivery room in a tiny office with a desk covered by a towel which serves as a bed. With half of the roof missing, a leaking tarpaulin provides them […]

“I am housing about 50 people” – a community coping after Typhoon Haiyan

Felicisimo Pica attempting to dry his rice stocks after the typhoon. he is housing 50 people from the neighbourhood in his home after their houses were destroyed Tanuan, Philippines. Photo: Patrick Fuller, IFRC

In the backstreets of Tanuan, Juan Coleas is picking through the debris of his home. All that remains is a pile of splintered wood littered with clothes and the family’s possessions. His son Joey is already hammering together a rudimentary frame that that they will cover in a tarpaulin to provide some temporary shelter. “There […]

Search for missing family in Tacloban

As hundreds of families crowded the road towards Tacloban airport, pleading for a place on a plane out of the the destroyed city, Carlito Gaytos strode past the those desperate to escape and headed towards the shell of what was left behind after the storm passed. Carlito had brought nothing with him except the description […]

Syrian volunteers working in memory of those who have lost their lives

Volunteer Mohannad is 20 years old, pictured in Damascus. Photo: Mari A. Mørtvedt/ Red Cross

Volunteer Mohannad is 20 years old, pictured in Damascus. Photo: Mari A. Mørtvedt/ Red Cross

Guest blog by the Red Cross’ Tommaso Della Longa, in Damascus “A few days ago, we intervened to rescue some injured people. Everything was going well, when the situation suddenly deteriorated into a firefight. We found ourselves caught up in the middle for three hours, with no protection, except for the emblem.” The person who […]