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Members of the Irish Red Cross YOUTH attended the Aras an Uachtaran

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Members of the Irish Red Cross YOUTH attended the Aras an Uachtaran garden party.   Sarah and Charlee, both members of their local Irish Red Cross Muff Branch in Donegal recently attended Aras an Uachtaran garden party. They were selected because of their exceptional volunteer work this year.    Sarah McConnellogue wrote… It was just an […]

How to treat cuts, burns and scalds

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With all their curiosity and energy, babies and children are at times naturally prone to accidents. Medical emergencies of every size like choking, burns or cuts happen all the time and you are never quite sure when or where they will occur. This is why all parents should consider attending a first aid course – […]

How to treat cuts or lacerations

A laceration is a cut in the skin usually caused by a sharp object. Cuts and lacerations are common in young children. Usually, parents can treat them at home, however treatment of cuts or lacerations typically depends on just how deep the cut is.    PEEP   POSTURE – Put the casualty sitting or lying down […]

How to perform CPR

What is CPR?    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) involves pressing hard and fast on the centre of the person’s chest and providing rescue breaths to help save their life. It is a simple, easily learned emergency procedure used when someone’s breathing and heartbeat stop suddenly (cardiac arrest).   For those who are trained, it is best […]

Four Nutrition Tips for a Successful Sunrise Summit

Hi, my name is Rab from Das Nutrition Consultancy which is based in Dublin.    Seeing the sunrise from one of Ireland’s highest peaks is going to be unforgettable. Collectively experiencing this while raising support for the Irish Red Cross will make it even more special.   Each peak will offer its own unique challenges. Larger […]

Clearing snow from Footpaths and more helpful tips.

Today is the perfect day to stay indoors and watch your favorite TV shows. Nonetheless, if you feel safe enough to go out, build a snow man, walk the dogs or buy necessary food please ensure you stay warm, be seen and stay safe. To avoid slips and falls we advise you wear shoes with […]

Hurricane victims in Haiti helped by donations to the Irish Red Cross

  Hurricane Irma stormed Haiti on the evening of 7 September 2017 and continued into the early hours of 8 September and the floods it caused devastated many Haitian families, wreaking havoc on their homes and belongings. Nelta Joachin from Malfety, which is located in the north of Haiti, was just one of those affected, […]

Help us prepare to save lives!

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“The children were frightened of the snakes in the water,” says Adere. “They were shouting ‘snakes, snakes!’ A lot of my pet animals died – ducks, chickens, goats and cows – all drowned and were washed away.” Adere Begum is a mother of two, pregnant with her third child and living in Bangladesh. Flooding is […]

Donegal resident tells us about his traumatic experience of the floods

One Donegal resident tells us about his traumatic experience of the floods that hit the northwest in August   “The five of us got trapped in our home with the water – it was so high you couldn’t get out, it was impossible. The force of the water was so strong we couldn’t move.” Aidan […]

Letter from Bangladesh: Victor Lacken

Victor Lacken from Dublin is a videographer, journalist and award-winning photographer. He was deployed by the Irish Red Cross as a delegate to Bangladesh to work directly with the international Red Cross movement relief efforts in response to the  Rakhine crisis.   I’ve just returned from the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh. Visiting the camps […]