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5 on Friday – a week in the Red Cross World

  This week we bring you a Red Cross that is pet friendly, retro, royal, cute and that has a parrot giving blood!  It’s this week’s ‘5 on Friday’…. Every week Red Cross and Red Crescent Volunteers, Staff, Friends and Supporters work hard in countries all over the world to support those in need.  Here’s […]

How is the conflict in Syria affecting ordinary people?

By Ellie Matthews, Red Cross Thousands of people are getting caught up in the violence and unrest in Syria, most of them entirely against their will. This has obvious, immediate consequences – in that many people are being injured or killed. As the conflict continues however, it is impacting on ordinary civilians in more subtle […]

Witnessing the Aftermath of Tragedy: A Visit to Srebrenica

Lisa Ghali, a Restoring Family Links caseworker for the American Red Cross, had the opportunity this past July to visit Srebrenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the site of one of the worst genocides in Europe’s history. We take the bumpy, winding road from Sarajevo and draw closer to the village of Srebrenica. It is eerily quiet […]

Imagine the Power of a Movement……

  Now that the Olympics are over, the current diplomatic impasse in building consensus on how to address the on-going conflict in Syria has once again been raised to the fore of the news agenda. The conflict of course never went away but while the world rejoiced in the spirit of peace and unity around […]

Lest We Forget

It is poignant this week that Ireland marks National Famine Memorial Day at the same time that yet again graphic news reports highlight food shortages and suffering of millions of people this time across the Western Sahel region of Africa. Ireland’s experience of famine, passed from generation to generation on this island and elsewhere across […]

HOTLINE: assistance for journalists on dangerous assignments

HOTLINE: assistance for journalists on dangerous assignments

Media professionals are often exposed to serious danger when reporting from war zones or other areas associated with armed violence. The ICRC operates a hotline enabling journalists, their families and the media organizations they work for to request assistance if they are wounded, detained or missing. This brochure explains how to get in touch with the ICRC and how the organization might be able to help.

British Red Cross doctor kidnapped in Pakistan found dead

The Red Cross is today coming to terms with the tragic death of yet another staff member. It was confirmed yesterday that Khalil Rasjed Dale, a health programme manager for the International Committee of the Red Cross, was murdered almost 4 months after his abduction in Quetta/Balochistan. Khalil was a highly trusted and respected member […]

Pollution of War

By Louise Sarsfield Collins Mines and other ‘explosive remnants of war’ can litter a country, continuing to kill and maim long after a conflict has ended. This pollution left behind by armed conflict can not only cause horrific injuries but also deprives people of access to their livelihoods, farmland, water, health care, and education. Today […]