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Bangladesh: one of the largest Red Cross operations in the world

Bangladesh has seen 650,000 people cross its borders, fleeing violence in Rakhine State and the Red Cross has been at the coalface providing relief.   One of the largest and most complex humanitarian crises in this region for decades was triggered in 2017 with the arrival of 655,000 people into Bangladesh. Fleeing violence in Rakhine […]

Letter from Bangladesh

My name is Paul Conneally and I am a Global Advisor on Community Engagement and Accountability for the International Committee of the Red Cross. I am writing to you from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. In the past three months, an estimated 646,000 people who are fleeing violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State have arrived across the border […]

Irish Red Cross communications team

Have you met the NEW Irish Red Cross Communications team? If you have a tale to tell get in touch with Mary and Andrew. Don’t let a great Red Cross story go untold!  Andrew Parle is the Digital Marketing Executive for the Irish Red Cross. Both Google and Hubspot certified, Andrew completed a BSc Honours Degree […]

We have been blown away

  We have been blown away by the messages of support we recently received for our Irish aid workers; Ciaran, Deborah and Susanna. In a recent mailshot, we asked our AMAZING donors for messages of support to show how much they are appreciated, not only by us, but by the wider Irish Red Cross family. After […]

Cholera outbreak continues to worsen in Yemen

As of Saturday,22nd July there are 384,719 suspected cases of Cholera and nearly 2000 associated deaths. Even more alarming, 600,000 people in Yemen are predicted to fall ill with cholera by the end of the year. That’s 1 in every 45 Yemenis. The Irish Red Cross continues to support the response, in trying to stem […]

Killed on their way to collect the bread

Irish Red Cross

Irish aid worker, Ciaran Cierans has been working with the International Committee if the Red Cross in Yemen since October 2016.  A seasoned aid worker of 12 years, Limerick man, Ciaran says the situation in Yemen is one of the ‘most challenging’ he has ever experienced. I am currently based in a city called Taiz, […]

Killed on their way to collect the bread contd..

Irish Red Cross

In this city of half a million people, we have to identify the most vulnerable families to help first. Prioritising families with disabled family members, vulnerable households with more than five family members, households with no source of income. The problem in Taiz is that every single person is vulnerable, nobody is earning an income, […]

Yemen’s Health Care system

The healthcare system is near total collapse and the staff who remain are overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. Lack of fuel and supplies has forced many of hospitals to close. Clinics that are open are running low on medicine, equipment and fuel.     In theory, preventing cholera is very simple. For example, […]

The world’s single largest humanitarian crisis

Yemen is the world’s single largest humanitarian crisis. Over two years of intense conflict in Yemen have resulted in displacement and loss of income for millions of people, and put their coping strategies under severe pressure.  Decades of ongoing upheaval, drought and chronic impoverishment preceded the current situation in Yemen.   Yemen is currently experiencing […]

Tell us your story

      Many of our Irish Red Cross Volunteers have stories to tell. Big or small, significant or trivial, individual or far-reaching. We’ve been thinking of ways you can share your stories with everyone, and we’re inviting you to share your best stories with us.    Simply click on the button below and follow […]