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The devastation caused by flooding in Ireland

  Aidan recalls the devastation caused by flooding in Ireland  Over the past decade, the words “heavy rainfall” and “flooding” are synonymous with Clonmel in County Tipperary and indeed other parts of the country. Aidan, who grew up in Clonmel recalls the devastation caused by flooding in Ireland.                […]

Reaching the 3 Million Missed

In our effort to support worldwide tuberculosis (TB) control efforts, we call on governments, donors and communities to continue their commitment to prevent, find, diagnose, treat and cure all people with tuberculosis (TB). Despite being largely preventable and treatable disease, TB continues to be a threat to global public health, killing two to three people […]

Talking to the Bereaved – A Vital Step To Stop Ebola

Irish Red Cross staff in Liberia + west Africa + Ebola

Melvin, one of the Safe and Dignified Burials team members, told me that his wife worries a lot and the risks of his job and that she prays every day for him to come home safely. He acknowledges her fears but believes that the risks are manageable and it’s a job that must be done.

“It’s about keeping people safe and healthy in my country. If we didn’t do this, more people would get sick. I feel a responsibility to do it.”

The 7 Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross adapted for the Irish prison environment

Humanity We show kindness, understanding and respect to everyone we talk to. Impartiality We don’t discriminate with a wide range of nationality, culture and different crimes, we treat everyone the same. Neutrality We don’t take sides in any issues or arguments. Independence Independent from Irish Prison Service but follows their rules. Volunteer service We don’t […]

Bringing Happiness Back to Martha

Martha pictured in Odogwu, Kogi state, Nigeria, May 2013

Martha pictured in Odogwu, Kogi state, Nigeria, May 2013

In the latter half of 2012, Nigeria experienced its worst flooding in more than 40 years, and people are now rebuilding their lives with the support of the Red Cross. Martha Ogwe, a 52 year old widow and mother of seven, lives in the village of Odogwu, in Kogi state. It is located close to […]

Red Cross Teams Provide Support | Train Accident in Spain

“Our staff and volunteers arrived at the scene of the accident within the first hours and immediately started to help with evacuation and provide emergency first aid. This is a very serious and extremely tragic accident and our teams will remain on hand to provide counselling and support to all those affected,” said Carmen Martin, spokesperson of the Spanish Red Cross.

5 on Friday | Floods and Drought

Floods and droughts are affecting communities across the globe.   5 on Friday – Red Cross response to floods and droughts…   For more irish red cross blog articles  go to our homepage        

150 Years of Youth: The Healthy Future of the Movement Depends on Listening to its Youth Members

By Dr Massimo Barra, Vice President of the Standing Commission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent The expression ‘Red Cross Red Crescent Youth’ has always had two correlated significance: what youngsters can do for the Movement on one hand and what the Movement can do for youngsters on the other. In the ideal […]

5 on Friday – 150 Years on Duty

On the 8th May, World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, we celebrate 150 years of Humanitarian Action! Founded by Swiss businessman Henri Dunant following his experience of organizing care for the wounded after the battle of Solferino of 1859, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Relief Societies was established on 17 February, 1863, known today as […]

5 on Friday – Famous Faces

Every week Red Cross and Red Crescent Volunteers, Staff, Friends and Supporters work hard in countries all over the world to support those in need. So, what do Ernest Hemingway, Ronaldo, Jet li, Frosty the Snowman and Samuel Beckett have in common? You guessed it – the Red Cross!