Banning church gate collections

According to an article in the Evening Echo (April 12th 2012), Churches in Cork are to ask parishioners if they want to ban church gate collections as there is a feeling that parishioners are “feeling harassed”. Cork charities are appealing strongly to parishioners to ‘vote no’ when asked. Two things strike me. One; it is […]

Lifesaving Teenagers in Action

Here in the Irish Red Cross we know how important it is to learn basic first aid skills and the difference a little knowledge can make to a persons life. This is no less evident than in a video that emerged this week of two teenagers who, quickly and bravely, leaped into action when the driver of […]

Pollution of War

By Louise Sarsfield Collins Mines and other ‘explosive remnants of war’ can litter a country, continuing to kill and maim long after a conflict has ended. This pollution left behind by armed conflict can not only cause horrific injuries but also deprives people of access to their livelihoods, farmland, water, health care, and education. Today […]

Taxing Texts

By Ronan Ryan The Irish Independent ran an article yesterday highlighting that charities won’t receive the VAT donors will have paid on text donations. They are targeting the wrong people. The main problem with text donations that any fundraiser will tell you is that the operators keep so much of the donation. It varies by […]